The House On The Cliff


The House on the Cliff is overlooking the famous “Orrido di Nesso”, the deep crack in the mountain that everybody knows on Lake Como. This ravine was described by Leonardo da Vinci in 1493, when it saw it for the first time and he was amazed.

The small garden is leaning on the canyon where the Nosee river flows after it fells from the very quaint waterfall.

The view of the lake is wonderful and you can enjoy it from every single room of the house and from the roofed terrace, where it is so nice to have breakfast, lunch or dinner listening to the music of the river flowing in the canyon.

It’s going to be difficult for you to select the best spot for sunbathing, if from the big balconies or from the garden. Rooms are wide, the kitchen is spatious, the livingroom is cool, even in summer.

The house is so ancient, it could even be eight centuries old, and its historic wooden beams appeared from the oblivion during restaurations.

This place has something magical: you will certainly spend there an unforgettable holiday.

2 double bedrooms
private garden
2 balconies
roofed terrace
Spatious kitchen
Wide livingroom